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After a live CD dating back to 1998, Catherine is currently preparing for a new album release. Already at the age of six I had decided that this would become my profession. A new CD production featuring Bach and Ligeti will soon be available, and in a few months I´ll be going as orchestral soloist on tour to Singapore. If you’re lucky (or maybe just willing to pay a high price on the secondary market), you might also have the 1996 gold CD remaster from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (discussed in greater detail in our recent article on on CD, dating all the way back to 1987, that is audibly different from any of the versions listed above?With a bit of detective work, it shouldn’t be hard to track one down, especially if you live in the International (Warner Bros./Elektra/Atlantic and a host of sub-labels) in the United States.

They often feel as though they’ve been born into the “wrong body.” Being transgender is independent of sexual orientation and transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, etc.If you want to take a deep dive into this issue, check out this laborious thread on different 1987 masterings over at the Steve Hoffman Forums!In a few cases, however, the mastering choices between different manufacturers are significant enough that, if listening on high-end stereo equipment (and not simply ripping the CDs into i Tunes, mp3, or another lossy format), you can hear an audible difference. The differences are still subtle, but they are audible if you listen closely.This CD, dating from the mid-'80s, is, ironically enough, a perfect companion in design and layout to Rhino's out of print Dionne Warwick Anthology collection.The 16 songs here represent the basis of Pitney's renown as a vocalist -- rock's Caruso, critic Jeff Tamarkin called him -- and is the handiest single CD collection to be found on him in the United States, covering the highlights of his primary years of success.

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In 1989, Chris Blackwell sold Island Records to the Polygram UK Group, effectively removing U2 and other Island acts from the Manufacturing” on the disc, typically around the bottom of the disc face. In the 1980s the CD was still a new format, and it took a while for CD manufacturing worldwide to reach full steam.

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