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However, by the time of 500 BC or 400 BC, during the period of Gautama Buddha, these sixteen monarchies were combined to make four big kingdoms of Avanti, Magadha, Kosala and Vatsa.This period of Mahajanapadas was featured with languages like Prakrit, which was the spoken language of northern India and Sanskrit, the educated speech. The country has been thought of as a nation of philosophers with a well-developed and even idyllic society.The earliest archaeological evidence of Sivalingam dates back to 2nd Century BC.But we have reasons to believe that the practice was prevalent in ancient India centuries before that.Examining the Mahabharata, books 3, 5, and 18, his sky map software showed that all these descriptions converge in the year 3067.Achar also acknowledged that some 30 years earlier, in 1969, S. In determining the date of the Mahabharata war at Kurukshetra, astronomical references in the epic can be used, of which there are more than one hundred and fifty. Net is exclusively devoted to providing information on Saivism, history of Saivism, Sects of Saivism and literature on Saivism.The Barasivas played an important role in preserving many ancient traditions of Saivism, at a time when Buddhism was on the rise.

Also on display at the sides are the coronation apparel and numerous miniature Buddha in gold and silver.

A stone's throw away from the Tonle Sap is the royal Palace built on the site of the Banteay Kev, a citadel built in 1813.

The Palace grounds contain several buildings: the Throne Room of Prasat Tevea Vinichhay which is used for the coronation of kings, official receptions and traditional ceremonies; the Chan Chhaya Pavilion which is a venue for dance performances; the king's official residence called the Khemarin; the Napoleon Pavilion and the spectacular Silver Pagoda. It owes its name to the 5,000 silver tiles weighing 1kg each which cover the entire floor.

3300 BC to 1300 BC being India's first civilization, is marked as the main beginning of the ancient history of India.

Starting from that period till the end of the Golden Age is roughly marked as the country's ancient history.

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