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Id version_number group Id index Date 1 v1 1 2016-11-15T 2 v1 2 2016-11-20T 3 v2 2 2016-12-01T 4 v1 3 2016-13-01T 5 v1 4 2016-11-01T 6 v2 4 2016-13-01T 7 v1 5 2016-14-01T How can i write a elasticsearch query in java.

If i search by date 2016-13-01T i expect to see the latest version per group Id which has index Date less than or equal to the date searched?

We use data from the Barron’s Gold Mining Index dating back to 1932. Other than during the final weeks of the 1996-2000 bear market gold stocks (according to this chart) could be at their most oversold point in history. Twice it rebounded and the final time it consolidated for weeks before falling to its bear market low in the second half of 2000. Note the confluence of trendline and lateral resistance just below .

The 50% retracement of the recent 53% decline (June to December) is .

Before I get to GDXJ I’d like to show an updated bear analog chart for gold mining stocks. Three times the 1996-2000 bear became this oversold.

is a site that is consistenly ranked in the Alexa Global 100 and also seemed to score well on Speed Index dating back a few months worth of metrics, with the scores ranging from between 1600 - 2200. More specifically, my manual browser tests didn’t seem to line up with what the Speed Index scores were telling me.

So I started looking deeper as to how the Speed Index scores were so low.

Donald Layton, Freddie Mac CEO, noted in an interview last year that while its 97% LTV product isn’t large enough to be driving an increase yet, it has significantly attractive characteristics for first-time homebuyers and is rapidly growing in demand.

The chart below shows only the changes in the Jumbo MCAI, which recorded the greatest increase in availability over the month (up 1.3%).

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In the last index, dating from 2015, Antwerp was still on the 9th place.

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