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By Lynda Shrager Each year as my favorite holiday approaches, my thoughts turn to some aspect of love.

These days, with everyone pulled in so many directions, it’s much harder to meet a potential partner in the old traditional ways.

She’s a bit reluctant about putting her profile online and not quite sure what to expect from it. ”, but I acknowledge that people in long-term relationships can be embarrassingly out of touch with the dating scene and all its intricacies.

She has also admitted that she’d be pretty embarrassed if anyone found out she was looking online. I know two couples who met online (one of them is married) and they are all lovely, normal, one-headed people who I’m sure wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

It shows that, contrary to what was previously believed, the first computerized dating system in either the US or the UK was run by a woman.

For Valentine’s Day, 1961, the cartoonist Charles Addams—of Addams Family fame—drew a futuristic cover for the New Yorker.

It’s something I don’t have any experience of, being part of a long-term couple, and I recently encouraged a friend to give it a go.

Start your research by talking with friends who’ve had experience — and hopefully successful results.

Various well-known sites have built reputations on fostering serious relationships (and e Harmony), while others are geared for more casual dating (

Rather than focusing on appearance, they believe “the senior population appears to be more interested in honest self-representation and being compatible rather than discussing areas such as sexual prowess and nightlife.” They use terms such as “young at heart” and “active” as euphemisms for fitness and good health.

We do everything else online these days — why not look there for love?

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