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Instructions including how fast to go, how long for, and sometimes asking you to eat the semen you've just produced."—24/Male/Asexual "I always take a super soft blanket and lay it down on my bed, usually folded a few times to make it thicker.

Then I set up some porn on my laptop and just lay on my stomach with my dick against the blanket.

But I can't help feeling that the fanstasy is better than actually doing it - but hell, one day I should just go for it!

But in the meantime i'll go jacking via Webcam with Guy's from around the world and have a lot of Fun and Orgasms!!!

Here you would able to find a list of all pornstars, list of most famous hardcore movies and of other cool stuff!

Examine everything what they gonna do for you and choose the pornstar you like the most to know everything about her!

I, for one, absolutely love the observed jacking off and mutual masturbation CFNM scenario. I guess to me, it puts enough physical distance between the guy and girl that a more pure CFNM dynamic is achieved.

There’s no hinderance to the girl being able to just relax and enjoy watching, or to satisfy her own need to get off right along with him.

Then I just move my hips back and forth or up and down so my dick would rub against the blanket until I orgasm."—20/Male/Gay "Most commonly, I just jack off and I lube up a finger or two and stick them up in my butt.

Let me tell you: It feels awesome to have both your prostate and your penis stimulated at the same time." —19/Male/Bisexual "I have a variety of toys that go in my butt — plugs, dildos, beads, and a prostate massager. As I get closer to orgasm, I switch from my dildo/whatever is in my ass, to my prostate massager.

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