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Ginori and Meissen jointly pioneered the development of Western Chinaware.

Ginori established the kilns at the foot of forested Monte Morello, whose timber fuelled them, and initiated experiments with local potting clays. The early Doccia paste is gritty in texture and slightly grayish; its glaze less glossy than most contemporaneous European porcelains.

Innovative decorating techniques from the 1740s were transfer-printing and the stampino, or stenciled decor, usually of blue on the white ground; since these could be employed by inexperienced workers, decorated porcelain was brought within reach of the middle classes, and porcelain rapidly replaced traditional maiolica in common use.

added to the glaze for increased whiteness, but were less successful in adapting neoclassical forms to the wares.

European china simply did not exist until the mid-Eighteenth century.

Porcelain had been discovered in the Orient and was being imported into Western Europe, where it was much sought extremely costly.

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That designer was of course the supremely talented Alessandro Michele, who now needs no introduction.

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