Validating the ds1 remote agent experiment

With this special issue, I wanted to celebrate and record modern AI's achievements and activity.Hence, the call for papers asked for AI's current trends and historical successes. It turns out that my "coming of age" special issue was about five to 10 years too late.On October 24, 1998, NASA launched a Delta II rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

When the boom went bust, the field fell into a trough of disillusionment that Americans call the AI Winter.I had the fantastic opportunity to work as the community manager for the Asterisk project at Digium for two years, which gave me one of the best vantage points for seeing the scope and imagination of the worldwide development effort pushing Asterisk forward. In just a few hours of development (or longer, of course), companies can change the way they deliver products to customers, nonprofits can overhaul how their users interact with the services they offer, and individuals can learn to build a perfectly customized call-handling system for their mobile and home phones.The depth and breadth of Asterisk is staggering—installations with hundreds of thousands of users are now commonplace. Asterisk scales up and down from individual lines to vast multiserver installations across multiple continents, but the way to start is to install the package, open up some of the configuration files, and start looking at examples."Take pride in how far you have come; have faith in how far you can go." —Anonymous In the 21st century, AI has many reasons to be proud, but it wasn't always this way.New technologies such as AI typically follow the hype curve (see Figure 1 caused skyrocketing attendance at AI conferences (see Figure 2) and a huge boom in North American AI startups.

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